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Gemini Flyii

Being able to find your passion while turning a hobby into a business is a great feeling. Read on to see how Gemini Flyii came about from a very creative individual. Her story is inspiring because she speaks about “gifts” that we all have. We sometimes just need a little push to put them on full display. Also, if you’re feeling the need go ahead and “treat yo self” to a snazzy pair of earrings.

Company Name: Gemini Flyii
Year Founded: 2011
Location: Washington State
Website: http://geminiflyii.bigcartel.com/
Social media handles: Instagram: @geminiflyii | Twitter: @geminiflyii | Facebook: Gemini Flyii

Can you give a brief introduction about your company?
Gemini Flyii is a handmade jewelry art supplier specializing in ear artistry.

What prompted you to take the leap and start your own business?
The birth of my daughter ignited the fire to become more creative in my life.  I worked in corporate America and never visualized doing anything else but that. I wanted to be able to make something out of nothing with my hands. I found artist to be fascinating and the way an idea turns into a masterpiece was always mind blowing to me. After research and trial and error here I am today, a jewelry artist.

Would you be willing to share how you started your company (ie, funding, branding, advertising, etc.)? What surprised you about the process?
I first started buying and reselling manufactured jewelry because it was a simple task to me. However, I didn’t find the individuality and passion in not having a hand in the design. A friend gave my marketing books and online business guides to read. I begin to research jewelry design and experiment with different mediums. Some of my ideas were well received and some not so much. I even had a name change. I originally started under the name “Zoey’s Beautybox named after my daughter. I decided to change the name after a while because I wanted it to be more transparent in the marketplace.

Self doubt often times stops people from trying new ventures. Did you have any doubts along the way? If so, how did you overcome them?
I did have doubts in this journey. At times I still have doubts about certain things. You sometimes expect certain people in your life and circle to support you more, but it’s ok if they don’t. I feel God blessed me as he has everyone with a “gift”. I can keep this gift to myself or I can share and give others the opportunity to receive my gift. I’ve had such a great support from people all over the world and that’s golden to me.

What productivity tools do you use to get tasks/assignments done? (This can be an app, software, book, etc.)
I’m simple. I keep a composition book just because I love to flip the pages and write in it with my fancy ink pen. My iPhone 5s is cool too for great pictures and screenshots of ideas and/or inspiration.

What can we look for from your company in the coming years?
Look for more designs as well as more places to purchase. Don’t be surprise at where you might see Gemini Flyii available!

What’s been a defining moment in your business so far?
Sassy from VH1 Black Ink Crew wore my earring design in 2013 and R&B Singer Mya recently did a photo shoot in my earring design. My first show was this year in Seattle WA. I’m a rawartist, so be sure to check out my page http://rawartists.org/geminiflyii

Be sure to check out her online store Gemini Flyii and follow her on social media.

3 responses to “Jewelry Artist and Creator of Gemini Flyii”

  1. Natalie LeNae Charles says:

    Such an amazing article about a very talented and gifted artist….. I know her personally and she pours her heart ,soul, and creativity into every piece she makes!!!!!!!!!!I absolutely LOVE how she ALWAYS keeps me FLYII in Gemini Flyii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Andre says:

    Great interview! A RAW artist indeed. Keep those creative juices flowing

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