The Tilted Cusp was created by Kara Carter to give exposure to new and established businesses. The Tilted Cusp is a place to inspire others and to become inspired. Readers will benefit from practical advice and stories of inspiration into how each business owner started their company. We believe budding entrepreneurs need the exposure to flourish in their field and established companies can give insider knowledge on how they started and remained in the business.

Interviews – New & established business owners from various fields give their perspective on running/starting a business. Take part in our Interview series.

Toolbox Tuesday – Productivity tools & resources to use in your business.

Feature Friday – We love to see what’s going on with entrepreneurs, companies, creative doers, authors, etc. We browse the interwebs and post what we find cool, innovative and inspiring.

The Refill – In business there can be stress, but a little inspiration and motivation can go a long way.