Toolbox Tuesday: The Startup Playbook

The Startup Playbook by David Kidder give readers key insight from top founders into what it took to build their companies. Kidder interviewed founders such as Spanx, TED Talks, Etsy and more to share key lessons, practices and ideas in their process that allowed them to succeed.  Readers will benefit from practical advice and everyday stories of inspiration into how each founder masterly got to the top.

Excerpt from book – “Be relentlessly devoted to your idea.┬áBeing devoted to an idea goes beyond hours. Your whole person has to be devoted to solving a problem. If you are going to survive after the first year or two, it will only be because your devotion has led you to create something exceptional. This requires extreme attention to detail. You have to do anything and everything to make it happen.” – Adeo Ressi

The Startup Playbook is no doubt a great book for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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