Toolbox Tuesday: HootSuite

Image Source: HootSuite website

HootSuite is a social media management platform that’s perfect for small and medium businesses to manage and engage their social presence. Designed to drive more value from your social media activities you’re able to manage campaigns, engage with customers and collaborate internally, all from one secure web and mobile dashboard (available for both iOS and Android). HootSuite’s free version is for up to 5 social media profiles. Pro and enterprise plans have more features, but if you’re just starting out the free plan is sufficient.

With HootSuite you can:

  • Manage multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and more
  • Streamline team workflow with scheduling and assignment tools
  • Track and monitor keywords and mentions
  • Measure and analyze social media traffic with the comprehensive social analytics modules
  • Invite multiple collaborators to manage social profiles securely
  • Access the HootSuite App Directory, a collection of 50+ extensions and applications that can be added to the dashboard for a customized experience
  • Listen to your audience and learn to create content they love
  • Manage all your social networks and schedule messages for future publish, HootSuite gives you a wide scope of your social media activity

As with all software, what works for others may not work for you, so be sure to fully test if you plan to put to use.

Try it out: https://hootsuite.com/

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