Jenna Shellhammer, Owner of Pop The Cork Designs

Meet Jenna Shellhammer, owner and one half of Pop the Cork Designs. Jenna shares what inspired her to start her event planning company located in Annapolis, MD. Whether you’re looking for a black tie affair, a boho chic celebration, or a destination wedding Pop the Cork can make your vision come to life.

Location: Annapolis

Year Founded: 2014

Company Name: Pop the Cork Designs

Education: James Madison University

Website: http://www.popthecorkdesigns.com

Social media handles: @popthecorkdesigns (Instagram) | @popthecorks (Pinterest)

Jenna Shellhammer
Can you give a brief introduction about your company?
Boutique event planning company located in the Annapolis Maryland area. Keeping your event bubbly!

What prompted you to take the leap and start your own business?
I was working for an event planning firm on the side and was opened up to a new world! I worked in HR as a third party processor for Popeyes and knew that this could not be the rest of my life. I bought a domain and was filled with self doubt. 5 months later I quit my corporate job and the rest is history!

Would you be willing to share how you started your company (ie, funding, branding, advertising, etc.)? What surprised you about the process?
All out of my own pocket. I now work three side jobs, but I make it work!

Was there anything that was more difficult or easier than you expected when you started your business?
Easier was making friends and great connections in the industry. Hard was getting doors shut in my face. In being a newbie in the industry I was looked at like I have to pay my dues and time…that just made me work harder.

Self doubt often times stops people from trying new ventures. Did you have any doubts along the way? If so, how did you overcome them?
I bought a domain sitting at my HR job and sat on it for about a month… wasn’t sure if I could do it! Finally contacted a developer and started a website. From there it has been a complete grind.

What productivity tools do you use to get tasks/assignments done?
Blogstomp, Kate Spade planner, CoSchedule

What can we look for from your company in the coming years?
Growth and prosperity and chic events. I started my company in September and already have ten weddings booked. I hope to surpass this number with the upcoming years!

What advice can you offer someone just starting out?
You can do it. Your dead end job is not the rest of your life. Do what you love!

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