Jordan Alexis, Owner J. Alex Style

j alex style

Get to know freelance stylist and fashion blogger Jordan Alexis as we ask her about starting her company J. Alex Style.

Founded: March 2013

Title/Occupation: Freelance Wardrobe Stylist

Education: Fashion Merchandising

Favorite quote: “You can never be over educated or overdressed”- CoCo Chanel

Website: http://www.jalexstyle.com

Blog: http://jalexstyle.blogspot.com

Social media handles: Instagram: @jalexstyling | Twitter: @jalexstyle_ME

Can you give a brief introduction about your company/yourself?

My company is called J Alex Style and I specialize in wardrobe styling and wardrobe organization. I am a graduate of The Art Institute of York Pennsylvania with an AA in Fashion a Marketing. I’ve always had a vast interest in styling, but the past 2 years is when I’ve been the most active.

What have you learned about yourself in regards to starting a business?

I’ve learned so many things while starting my business. I’ve learned so much about myself. Most of all I’ve learned how my strength I possess. It’s been so many moments I’ve wanted to give up, but some how I end up achieving my goals. I’m thankful for the lessons I’m learning.

What inspired you to form J. Alex Styling?

I’ve always loved the art of fashion, but I never saw myself pursuing it as a profession. While I was working at Nordstrom I realized I was helping build someone else’s dream (John Nordstrom). I then thought I could do the same thing. I always thought I had a unique style and I have something to offer the fashion community. Not just in Baltimore but the world.

Can you share any advice/inspiration for other stylist just starting out?

My biggest piece of advice is create your lane and stay in it. Don’t try and copy anyone’s work. Do your own thing.

What does your job involve on a daily basis, and what types of responsibilities do you have in your position?

I don’t work so much on a daily basis, more so weekly. I usually have about 5 shoots monthly and I work on my blog daily. At anytime I could be asked to do a shoot. I go through slow periods and busy ones as any business does.

What productivity tools do you use to get tasks/assignments done? (This can be an app, software, book, etc.)

I’m pretty simple. I use a old school “to do” list. Mostly handwritten, but sometimes I use the notes section on my phone.

Self doubt sometimes stop people from trying new ventures. Did you have any doubts or challenges along the way in starting your business? If so, how did you overcome them?

Of course. I still do sometimes. Every once and while I just have a meeting with myself and reassure myself of all my capabilities. We all have those moments. Just can’t let them take over our success.

What can we look for from your company in the coming years?

My biggest goal is to do costume design for major motion pictures and more personal styling and image consulting all over the world.

What’s been a defining moment in your business so far?

Honestly I haven’t gotten there. Lol.

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